Step 1

    Step 1 Nutrition Assessment Questions

    Q1. In a week, which food groups do you consume most often?

    A) Most:

    B) Least:

    Q2. How many meals and snacks do you have in a day?

    Q3. Do you have any of the following health conditions?

    Q4. Do you feel sleepy after eating meals?

    Step 2

    Step 2 Fitness Assessment Questions

    Q1. How frequently are you physically active in a week?

    Q2. What are your short and long-term goals?

    Q3. How much sleep do you get per night?

    Q4. What is your work environment like?

    Q5. Are You a Smoker?

    Step 3

    Step 3 Health Metrics


    Your Height

    Your Weight

    Your Age

    Your Gender

    PAL (Physical Activity Level)

    Step 4

    Step 4 Personal Information

    Your Full Name

    Your Email Id

    Your Phone Number


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    Formal Consultation and Blueprint

    You’re super serious about your health goals and are eager to see results soon! Perfect!
    A formal consultation is the first step in this process.

    If you sign up for a formal consultation, you will receive a detailed questionnaire to fill out which I use to create a customised nutrition plan or formalised blueprint for you to follow.

    I analyse your answers and the metrics you’ve recorded to define goals, calories, energy balance, macronutrients, deficits and surplus. I look at micro level detailing of your eating habits and patterns and suggest foods to add or delete based on your preferences, via a formalised blueprint.

    The Blueprint will also include suggestions for eating frequency, windows and patterns. It will suggest pre and post workout nutrition options and recommend supplementation based on any deficits that show up in your questionnaire. Styles and frequency of training are also recommended.

    The goal is to create a sustainable short and long term strategy to ensure you’re always in optimal health.

    After creating the blueprint, a consultation call is arranged during which we go through the blueprint together. I explain macros and the role of hormones in overall health and take care of any comments, concerns or questions you may have. Once we’re aligned on the route forward, the Blueprint is sent to you.

    This Blueprint will serve as the guide through your transformation journey.